Usage of H.248 in ServiceControlDescriptor

Paul, Manoj mpaul at TRILLIUM.COM
Tue Feb 20 15:30:51 EST 2001

  With reference to H.323 Annex K, ServiceControlDescriptor has following
ASN.1 syntax:

ServiceControlDescriptor ::= CHOICE
        url                             IA5String (SIZE(0..512)),       --
indicates a URL-referenced
        signal                          H248SignalsDescriptor,
        nonStandard                     NonStandardParameter,
        callCreditServiceControl        CallCreditServiceControl,

The use of "url" part is very well described in Annex K but I could not find
the use of H248SignalDescriptor in any of the H.323 Annex K documents. I
the reason for this codepoint is to use H.248 functionality in controlling
supplementary Services at the endpoints, but isn't that what H.323 Annex L
to achieve using Stimulus Control Protocol (Which is also H.248 based). Are
trying to achieve the same function by using this codepoint in Annex K. I
appreciate if someone could clarify the use of H.248SignalDescriptor in
Descriptor structure.

Manoj Paul.

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