Q: H.245 and RTP Dynmaic Payload Types

Douglas Clowes dclowes1 at OPTUSHOME.COM.AU
Mon Feb 19 14:56:57 EST 2001

Could some kind soul please point me to the definitive guide to the use of
RTP dynamic payload types in H.245. I've looked and can't seem to find any
adequate coverage.

If anybody has firm ideas how it's done, I would be pleased to receive the
benefit of their knowledge.

The documentation talks about the use of dynamic payload types in the use
of alternative packetisation for video, but there seems to be a need for
dynamic payload types in audio codecs which have H.245 code points, but not
RTP static payload types (such as GSM HR and EFR).

Dynamic payload types are being used for mode specification in SDP as well,
with some MGs using them to specify the desired rate for G.723.1 (High or

IMHO, the standard needs to be expanded on the use of dynamic paylaod
types, with particular reference to interworking with SDP based MGs and SIP.


Douglas Clowes

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