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Baese Gero Gero.X.Baese at MCHP.SIEMENS.DE
Wed Feb 7 11:20:03 EST 2001

Dear Mr. Li, experts,

a wording problem caused this discussion/misunderstanding
concerning the slice length.

You are completely free to use H.263 Annex K and Annex V
the way you think it would be the best for your proposal
and the optimum.

In general, for a fair comparison parameter adjustments
should be done the way it is widespread used.

> For the following in the testing condition documents "When the Annex K
> and/or Annex V is used, the length of the slice should be such to make
> packets fit in the length of segment to avoid segmentation of
> the IP packet.

This would prevent us from using different approaches. Therefore we
propose using "might" instead of "should" and as mentioned above you
can use it in the optimal manner for your proposal.
While testing your approach we will use it the way you proposed.

If you agree on that we will incorporate it in the test scenario
document APC-1993. We are still waiting for your contribution to the
internet test section(Fixed Packet Loss Rate IP Channel).

Best Wishes
Gero Baese

Gero Bäse
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