H.323 Annex I

Baese Gero Gero.X.Baese at MCHP.SIEMENS.DE
Thu Feb 1 11:09:51 EST 2001

Dear Mr. Li, experts,

it is quite discouraging that our questions remaining
unanswered and the positive signs we were sending are
ignored still.

We repeated our technical concerns for the UCLA proposal
several times. Please be so kind to let everybody know
what is needed to implement the proposal. So far provided
documents are not sufficient.

The simulation scenario document exists for three months now.
We were asking you several times to raise your objections for
the provided simulation conditions. We were incorporating your
favorite test values in the document.
What are the reasons to defer the start of the tests still ?

The next meeting is approaching and results are needed as basis
for the decision. For both of us it would be harmful to fight for
details in front of the group again. We are soliciting you to
co-operate - it is of mutual interest and the best for the standard.

Best Wishes
Gero Bäse

Gero Bäse
Siemens AG                  Tel.:  +49 89 636 53193
Corporate Technology      Fax: +49 89 636 52393
Networks and Multimediacommunication    CT IC 2

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