Including RTCP report packets in IRR

Paul Long plong at IPDIALOG.COM
Fri Dec 28 18:35:00 EST 2001


>From my interop experience, I seem to remember that many (most?) EPs simply
do not populate the audio, video, or data components of perCallInfo. This,
IMO, makes perCallInfo useless. It's been awhile, so maybe more EPs are
providing this info now. Regardless, we shouldn't rely on just an assumption
and should therefore require that these fields accurately reflect the
current mode.

Paul Long
ipDialog, Inc.

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I suppose this is probably in need of clarification, but the assumption was
that if the call contained an audio session, the audio element would be
included.  Likewise for video, etc.  Unfortunately, there are a few fields
in H.225.0 that are labeled as "OPTIONAL" in the ASN.1, so implementers
assume that semantically they're optional, but that's not the case.  We
don't want to change the syntax (since we don't want to mandate the
inclusion of a field when the call doesn't have a session of that type), so
I suppose it would be nice to see a proposal for clarification of this

One other thought about the RTCP stats is that we report them in the DRQ
rather than the IRR.  One problem with IRRs is that if they are sent too
frequently, an extremely busy system can get bogged down processing those
messages.  I imagine that you'd want to set the IRR timer somewhere outside
the length of an average call.  Doing so, though, would mean you never get
stats for the average call.  So perhaps DRQ alone (or in addition to) the
IRR is the right approach.


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> Paul,
> Please note though that an EP is not required to include any media info in
> perCallInfo, i.e., audio, video, and data. I imagine that this was an
> oversight, but we ought to explicitly require v5+ EPs to report all
> currently active media sessions, including RTP.
> Paul Long
> ipDialog, Inc.

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