January Meeting of TR-30.1

Les Brown Les.Brown at mindspeed.com
Fri Dec 21 00:45:05 EST 2001


    Attached is the announcement for the next meeting of TIA TR-30.1. One 
of the primary tasks for this meeting is to make significant progress on 
modem-over IP.

    At our December meeting, it was agreed that we must be more proactive 
in driving the work on Annexes to H.323 and H.248 to support V.moip. The 
goal, albeit agressive, is still to complete the work on V.moip by the 
February SG16 meeting. If we are able to accomplish this, we will need to 
make sure that supporting Annexes to the aforementioned Recommendations are 
also ready for approval. With this in mind, Herb Wildfeuer (Cisco) has 
volunteered to act as the Editor for these Annexes and to try to prepare a 
first draft for our January meeting. He will be soliciting help from ITU-T 
Q2,3/16 committee members as well as members of ITU-T Q11/16 and TIA 
TR-30.1 between now and our January meeting via E-mail reflector. Please 
help Herb with this difficult task. I would also like to invite interested 
members of Q2,3/16 to participate in our January meeting.

    Another key issue that we need to make progress on is call 
discrimination for V.moip, and the coordination of this with the work on 
T.38 Annex 3. There has been a flurry of activity on the TIA TR-30.5 E-mail 
reflector recently on this subject. Between this discussion and discussions 
at the last TR-30.1 meeting, it is clear that there are some fundamental 
disagreements concerning what V.moip should specify with respect to call 
discrimination. I would like to encourage further discussion on this 
subject on both the TR-30.5 and TR-30.1 E-mail reflectors, and by a larger 
cross section of our membership, before our January meeting. If we are 
unable to resolve the differences by the January meeting, I very much doubt 
that we will be able to Consent V.moip in February. I would also like to 
invite interested members of Q14/16 to participate in our January meeting.

    I look forward to seeing you in sunny California.

Les Brown,
Chair TIA TR-30.1,
Rapporteur Q11/16
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