Including RTCP report packets in IRR

Paul E. Jones paulej at PACKETIZER.COM
Tue Dec 18 04:07:04 EST 2001

I completely support your idea.


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Subject: Including RTCP report packets in IRR

> Dear all,
> RTP's specification mandates that the RTP ports, for a given
> source/destination, are "co-located" with the RTCP ports. This
> means the the report information about the RTP streams flow
> between the communicating endpoints. Although this mode of
> operation is intentional, it does make it difficult for 3rd
> parties to monitor the statistics as perceived by the endpoints.
> This can be particularly useful for network management where
> one would like to be able to monitor whether the network
> provides adequate quality.
> On way to access the RTCP information would be to route all the
> RTCP traffic through some entity, but this also means that the
> RTP will have to follow the same path through the network. And
> this is not desirable.
> For H.323 there would be the option to include the report packets
> in the "audio" element in the perCallInfo element in the IRR
> message. This would allow for a Gatekeeper to get a hold of these
> "vital" statistics.
> Any views?
> Regards,
> Frank

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