[Mobility] Resending the email with H.235 Annex G added to th e agenda of ITU-T SG16 WP2 Q.2/Q.5/Q.G Conference Call meetings informat i on

Reddy, Paul K paul.k.reddy at INTEL.COM
Thu Dec 6 10:54:09 EST 2001

Report of Q.5/SG16 (Mobility) conference call on November 30, 2001
(prepared by Ernst Horvath)

Participants: Messrs. Bougant (FT), Euchner (Siemens), Horvath (Siemens);
part time participation: Messrs. Reddy (Intel), Roy (AT&T)

Available documents: New drafts of H.235 Annex G, H.MMS.0 and H.MMS.1;
temporary documents TD-EH-01, TD-EH-02, TD-EH-03 and TD-FB-01a.

Due to time limits, only the temporary documents were discussed.


1)    The proposals in TD-EH-01 and -02 regarding new recommendation H.22x
were accepted.
       Mr. Reddy clarified the timeframe:

=>  Target date for H.MMS.1, H.22x and H.225.0 Annex G: February 2002
      Target date for H.MMS.0: October 2002

=>  Open issue: Editorship for H.22x (AI for Mr. Reddy to clarify. Is Mr.
Ruditsky (Radvision) intereted?)

2)    The rest of the time was spent on TD-EH-03 (comments on H.MMS.0) and
TD-FB-01a (answers to these comments):

*       There are two possible "scopes" for H.MMS.0: (a) a framework for all
other mobility work in SG16 or (b) a specification of service and user
mobility. In case (a) other mobility documents (in particular H.MMS.1) could
refer to H.MMS.0 for definitions, architecture and general concepts; in case
(b) every mobility document would have to define its own architecture etc.
Given the timeframe (see above), case (b) is the more sensible approach.
Contributions on this issue are welcome (by email or by joining the next
conference call).

*       Split of topics between H.MMS.0 and H.MMS.1: User mobility has also
impacts on terminal mobility and cannot be eliminated completely from
H.MMS.1. The figures in TD-FB-01a were not well understood and need further
discussion by email.

*       The architecture for mobility is still unclear. In particular the
role of MAFE was unclear (a single element here, but represents different
elements in real systems, e.g. GK and BE in H.323). It was suggested to
leave details of the MA (multimedia application, e.g. H.323) domain out of
H.MMS.0  This needs further discussion by email.

*       It was decided to remove all protocol stuff from H.MMS.0 and refer
to H.22x instead. The information flows will be specified on a high level of
abstraction (in form of primiitves, as already present in some examples).

*       All message flow charts need to be reworked. More discussion needed
(by email).

3)    The next conference call on December 18, 2001 will continue with
review of the remaining documents. Input on open items (architecture, scope
or split of functionality) is urgently needed.

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