H.GEF.1 - GEF Usage

Pete Cordell pete at TECH-KNOW-WARE.COM
Tue Aug 21 12:15:13 EDT 2001 and state that if the numbering plan information is set to "private"  (in a packet based network originated call), that this indicates that the number itself is _not_ present in the IE, but in the User-User information.
This is not the case for the Connected Number, as this is encoded per Q.951.

Strangely enough 7.3.10/H.225.0 states (under the description of destinationAddress) that, if an endpoint uses only a dialled digit string that this address _shall_ be placed  in the Called party number IE and (under the description of sourceAddress) that
if the source has an E.164 address that this _shall_  be contained in the Calling party number IE. This would seem to contradict the statements in and

Furthermore, it is not clear to me why private numbers can't just be put in the Called/Calling party number IEs?



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