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X and Y can't be different. According to H.323 standard:
" Logical channel signalling
Logical channels shall be opened using the following procedure:
If a corresponding reverse channel is opened for a given existing RTP
session (identified by the RTP sessionID), the mediaControlChannel
Transport Addresses exchanged by the openLogicalChannel process shall be
identical to those used for the forward channel. "


Medhavi Bhatia wrote:

> Hi, A question about mediaControl ports in Logical channels: Can an
> endpoint A open a logical channel to another endpoint B (in non fast
> start mode),specify control channel port X, and respond to B's OLC
> with a media control port Y,where X and Y are different ? Assuming the
> OLCs are for the same sessions. The H.323 spec specifies that X and Y
> must be the same for fast start scenarios.For a non fast start case,
> if they must be different, what is the behavior of the endpoint B
> inthat case ? thanks - Medhavi.
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