[Megaco] Purpose Of Annex C

Preeti Sharma preetis at lucent.com
Wed Aug 1 15:43:08 EDT 2001

 Should Echo Cancellation ( tag 100B C.1) also be on this list.

Tom-PT Taylor wrote:

> Before last month's SG 16 meeting I raised the point of the proper use of
> Annex C values.  Today I discovered that we already have it covered.  See
> section 7.2.10, which states unequivocally that Annex C is for the Local and
> Remote descriptors.
> One of the open issues on the list is whether we can deprecate the Modem
> descriptor.  If we do so, the corresponding Annex C property can remain
> there and I would remove mention of it from my SDP-TDM draft.
> There were some other Annex C properties that I had proposed to remove
> because they belonged in LocalControl.  This wasn't done at the last SG 16
> meeting because orderly procedure required list agreement plus alternative
> packages to put them in.  The specific items I would focus on are Mode (tag
> 1002 in C.1), DialledN (tag 901F in C.9) and DiallingN (tag 9020 in C.9).
> Mode is in LocalControl already, and the other two are covered by the NAS
> package.  I had also mentioned Gain (tag 100C in C.1) and Jitterbuff (tag
> 100D in C.1) previously.  At this point I'd say Gain might suitably be
> specified by direction.  Jitterbuff should be moved into RTP.
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