Called/Calling party in Q.931 IEs or in source/destinationAddress?

Frank Derks frank.derks at PHILIPS.COM
Fri Aug 31 07:30:58 EDT 2001


States the following about address information in the sourceAddress
and destinationAddress fields:


"Note that the E.164 number of the source, if any, shall be
contained within the Calling Party Number Information Element."


" When calling an endpoint using only a dialed digit string, this
address shall be placed in the Q.931 Called Party Number IE."

First of all there is a difference in terminology. The description
of sourceAddress uses "E.164 number", whereas the description of
destinationAddress uses "dialed digit string". These are different

Nevertheless, assuming that in both cases we're talking about an
Alias that consists of digits (i.e. a number), it is not clear
whether such information must only be present in the Called/Calling
Party Number IEs, or whether it is allowed to also include this
information in the sourceAddress and/or destinationAddress fields.



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