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Frank Derks frank.derks at PHILIPS.COM
Fri Apr 27 04:43:52 EDT 2001

Dear Mr. Sayre,

> > 2) WhitePaperMMGateway.zip -- "Multimedia Support Using the
> > Decomposed $B!! (BGateway Architecture" by Mr. Clifford Sayre et al
>I just wanted to clarify the status and intent of item #2. I do intend to
>present this document at the Porto Seguro meeting. It will be a Delay
>Contribution with a source of Lucent Tech. Lucent needs to have this
>approved by the US government process (SGD) for approving company
>contributions to ITU SG 16 meetings and I am working this process in
>conjunction with Terry Anderson (the lead Lucent delegate).
>The purpose of the document is to answer some delegate questions and
>issues raised in the Launceston meeting on contribution AVD-2057. Thus it
>is for discussion and the text will not go directly into the draft H.248
>annex that I am working on. Sorry about using the term "white paper". I
>realized after reading your email that the term white paper has had a
>different meaning in the context of SG 16 documents.

Thank you for your clarification. When your delayed contribution is
provided, I will replace WhitePaperMMGateway.zip with that.

Best regards,

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