silenceSuppression in h2250LogicalChannelParameters

Paul Long plong at IPDIALOG.COM
Wed Apr 25 13:32:46 EDT 2001


I assume it indicates that the lack of packets on that stream may indeed
indicate silence and not necessarilly network congestion or a loss of the
audio signal. This is particularly for encodings that do not support silence
suppression, e.g., G.711, or for implementations that do not implement the
silence-suppression feature defined for the encoding, e.g., NetMeeting's
G.723.1 implementation. You are correcct, though, that it is redundant for
codecs that signal silence suppression in their caps, e.g., G.723.1. Again,
I don't know the original rationale; this is just my best guess.

Paul Long
ipDialog, Inc.

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Can any one explain what the meaning of the silenceSuppression element
in h2250LogicalChannelParameters is? If set to TRUE, does this indicate
that silence suppression is supported on the channel, but that this is
actually dependent on the support of this functionality by the codec? So
why duplicate the information?



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