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Hi, Folks:

I fully support what Roy is saying here. I assume that H.MMS.3 as well as
H.MMS.2 will be based on H.MMS.1 protocol extensions. My understanding is
that this 'new' H.MMS.1 protocol should be designed in a way that it is
applicable not only to H.323 but to other applications protocols (e.g.,
H.234, H.310) as well. This will give more flexibility since it will not be
specific to a particular application (i.e. no need of having a specific
mobility management protocol for H.323, another one for H.324, etc.).
Therefore, this 'new' protocol should be made independent as much as
possible of others and not be called as H.225.0 annex G or its extension.

Please also see an earlier message sent by François Bougant which gives more
clarification on these issues.

I appreciate this good start of Q5/16 work.

Best regards,

Jean-Claude Samou

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De: Roy, Radhika R, ALCOO [mailto:rrroy at ATT.COM]
Date: mardi 17 avril 2001 15:25
Objet: Re: H.MMS.3: Presence and IM for H.323 Mobile systems.

Hi, Manoj:

I am providing a very quick comment. It is a good proposal and you are
assuming that H.MMS.1 will be the base protocol to be used.

With respect to H.MMS.1 protocol, I like to mention that the mobility
management part of H.MMS.1 will be "called" a NEW protocol and will NOT be
called as "H.225.0 Annex G or its extension."

Based on this assumption, probably you can start your work.

As time goes on, more comments will be provided.

I appreciate your work.

Best regards,
Radhika R. Roy

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From: Paul, Manoj [mailto:mpaul at TRILLIUM.COM]
Sent: Monday, April 16, 2001 10:28 PM
Subject: H.MMS.3: Presence and IM for H.323 Mobile systems.

  Hi All,
    The purpose of this mail is to initiate work on H.MMS.3 standard, which
a part of H.MMS series for H.323 mobility systems. H.MMS.3 will address
and Instant Messaging services in H.323 Mobility multimedia systems.
    H.MMS.3 standard shall address the architecture, procedures and new
information elements to enable H.323 as the transport protocol for Presence
Instant Messaging in mobile environment.
    As editor of H.MMS.3 document, I solicit contributions and discussions
begin work in this area. Enclosed is the Scope and Terms of Reference
that was presented in SG16 Launceston meeting for H.MMS.3.

Manoj Paul.
Trillium Digital Systems, (an Intel company).

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