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This is of course the opposite of H.248 where replies must go to source
address.  But remember that there are requests (as opposed to confirms
and rejects) that are sent from GK to GW and the GK must know what
address to use.  If no rasaddress were registered and ARQs (for example)
came from various port numbers, the GK would have no idea where to send
a DRQ, URQ, IRQ, etc.

rasaddress is not optional in GRQ and so cannot be omitted.  It is
probably not intended to be optional in RRQ although since it is defined
as SEQUENCE OF TransportAddress and SEQUENCES can be of zero length, it
is in effect optional.  A comment probably should be added to make it
required for the above reason.

"Paul E. Jones" wrote:

> Francois, There is no requirement that RAS messages sent to a
> Gatekeeper have to be sent from the same port that it will receive RAS
> messages. If it is not included, I would expect that the results will
> be unpredictable.  Some devices will probably assume an address and
> others will probably just reject the request. Paul
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>      Subject: ras address in RRQ/GRQ
>       Guys,What is the purpose of the rasAddress in GRQ and
>      RRQ?Shouldn't it just be the originating IP address? Is the
>      gatekeeper supposed to send the GCF and RCF to IP address
>      indicated in the GRQ/RRQ, or is it supposed to send it to
>      the source IP address (at the IP layer)?What if the RAS
>      address is not included in the RRQ/GRQ?----François AUDET,
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