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Dear Mr. Manoj Paul,

I am trying to understand the concept of H.323 presence. In AVD-2087,
communication states to be exchanged are listed as:

1) status of the user,
2) its reachable address,
3) user's means of communication, including the preferred mode.

The ASN.1 syntax CommunicationState in AVD-2087 includes newAliasAddress
(corresponding to 2) above, I understand) and availableForCall, busy (both
corresponding to 1) above).

I wonder how 3) is handled. Is it going to be added in the course of work?
Or as H.323 has the H.245 capability exchange procedure, H.323 presence
needs only 1) and 2) above? Or still we would like to indicate e.g. being
ready to communicate with fixed H.323 terminal at office, mobile phone like
H.323 or H.323 on PDA on the road before the actual communication?

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