Paul, Manoj mpaul at TRILLIUM.COM
Thu Apr 12 22:07:02 EDT 2001

hi all,

I have a doubt about ARQ message in H.323 -V1.  The H.323 specs for V1 say
that "srcCallSignalAddress" and "destCallSignalAddress" are optional. But
there were some mails exchanged somtime back on the mailing list which said
that these two fields are MANDATORY for v1, since without these fields it is
not possible to identify a call in H.323 V1.

Let us say we have an endpoint EP1, and EP2 and a GK and a call is
When EP1 wants to make a connection to EP2, it finishes RAS with GK and then
sends a SETUP to GK. When EP2 receives the incoming SETUP from the GK, it
send an ARQ to the GK. At this point the Gk needs to identify the "call "
associated with the incoming ARQ. As there was no "callId" in V1, the only
parameters that can give the GK a clue are the "srcCallSignalAddress" and
"destCallSignalAddress" tuple. But if these are treated optional, then what
parameters can the GK use to find the "associated call"?

I believe for this reason it was suggested that  "srcCallSignalAddress" and
"destCallSignalAddress" would always be present in ARQ from a V1. Can
someone please confirm this?.

Many thanks,

Archana Nehru,
Engineering Project Manager,
Trillium Digital Systems Inc., an Intel Company.

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