ARJ reject reasons?

Ilya Freytsis ifreytsis at EZENIA.COM
Wed Sep 20 09:04:25 EDT 2000

Our H323/H320 gateway registers with the GK the list of aliases-prefixes
that indicates available gateway resource.  Every time a resource is used
the list is re-registered.  GK may have enough built-in knowledge of the
prefix scheme to be able to specify resourceUnavailable in ARJ if it cannot
satisfy request.

Ilya Freytsis

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                So you think that invalidPermission is the code to return if
the call
                violates some proprietary policy within the GK that is
typically set by the
                administrator of the network/GK?

                Regarding resourceUnavailable, how does a GK know whether
                "resources" are available? Doesn't it just know whether an
alias or set of
                aliases are registered? How can it make this distinction? Or
are you
                referring to the capacity of the GW, in which case wouldn't
                callCapacityExceeded be the correct reason to return?

                Another respondent said that callCapacityExceeded refered to
the capacity of
                the other EP and not to the GK itself. I suppose it could be
used for both.

                Paul Long
                Smith Micro Software, Inc.

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                I can offer my interpretation for some of them:
                1.      InvalidPermission - GK may have policy rules for the
                categories of endpoints (e.g. who is allowed to use gateway
                2.      CallernotRegistered - EP that is not registered with
the GK asks
                the permission to place a call
                3.      SecurityDenial
                4.      requestDenied(no bandwidth available) - no comments
                5.      resourceUnavailable - e.g. no gateway resources
available (my
                6.      callCapacityExceeded - GK has reached its call
handling capacity
                (esp. in GK routed mode)

                Ilya Freytsis

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