RTP port for sending media

Paul E. Jones paulej at packetizer.com
Tue Sep 12 12:19:41 EDT 2000

Hi all,

I have uploaded MD-106 to URL:
aft.zip .
The document is a cleaned up version of TD-42 of the Portland meeting  and
contains only editorial changes(as the template used in the draft document
so far was, for some reason, a total mess).
The only "exeption" to this is the following correction. Section 8.1 of
TD-42 included the text: "Reference points A and B are out of the scope of
this Annex.", which has been removed and instead section 8.3 now includes
the text: "Reference points B, C and D are out of the scope of this Annex
(Hinter is included but only as an option in case that utilization of
reference point A is not practical).".
The reason for this change is that the text in TD-42 is, as I understand
from Mr. Rissanen's comments, a typo and should have mentioned reference
points B and C instead of A and B.

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