Enforcing symmetric operation in the context of slow start fo r H. 323v4

Danail Kirov DanailK at VERTICAL.COM
Fri Sep 8 14:01:10 EDT 2000

Since the proposed procedure simply defines implementation details at
application level and redifines the meaning of caps which already exist in
H.323v2, there is nothing that would prevent an H.323v2 compliant endpoint
to make use of this procedure for enforcing symmetric operation.
Is it safe to recommend this procedure as the prefered approach for H.323v2
endpoints as well?

Danail Kirov
Vertical Networks

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Subject:        Enforcing symmetric operation in the context of slow start
for H. 323v4

At the Portland rapporteur's meeting of Q12-14, document APC-1881,
'Enforcing symmetric operation in the context of slow start for H.323v4',
was discussed. The outcome of the discussion, as described in the meeting
report, is:

        This was accepted for the H.323 IG and also H.323 V4.   It was
agreed that this was meritorius, but that some further discussion was
needed. See TD-47.  The agreement is that APC-1881 is adopted for changes to
H.323 V4, and TD-47 for H.245 V7, with the redefinition of the
receiveAndTransmitt capability being the preferred approach. It was noted
that the rejectReason needs to be mentioned in TD-47. Text will also be
added to note that the procedures of TD-47 only apply if the slave has
detected a conflict.  All are urged to look very closely at this, and to
consider if there are any issues with this.  If any are found, we will make
changes in November. The editor will post this discussion on the mailing
list to ensure broad discussion.

The purpose of this mail is simply to do as the meeting report stated, and
highlight the issue and to try to get broad agreement on the proposed
solution. As far as H.245 is concerned the proposed solution is to include
text from TD-47a that is labelled as 'Proposal for immediate action' and the
first option (redefinition of the receiveAndTransmitt capability) from the
section labelled 'Longer term options'.

The documents are available at:


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