H.323 Annex I

Baese Gero Gero.X.Baese at MCHP.SIEMENS.DE
Tue Sep 19 04:32:55 EDT 2000

Dear Experts,

at the Portland Meeting a controversial discussion arised
about the new Annex I specification. Several misunderstandings
between the participants as well as about the outcome of the
Osaka Meeting were the reasons.

At the moment we(Siemens) are trying to establish a
co-operation with UCLA as well as the editor of the Annex I
in order to find the best possible solution for the standard. We
addressed both of them directly.
If a merger of the both proposals will be possible we will work
it out together and present it at the next rapporteurs meeting.

Further we want to ask all experts for their technical assistance. Please
provide us with more requirements as well as scenarios you can think
of Annex I would be used for.

Best Wishes
Gero Baese

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