need help:some questions about SessionID

Wu Yongming wu.yongming at MAIL.ZTE.COM.CN
Fri Sep 8 08:46:25 EDT 2000

hi,all experts
   i am new to H323.i have difficulty in understanding SessionID,i have refered
to many readings.
here are some questions:
1,according to H245,SessionID is a unique RTP or T120 session identifier in the
does it mean each sessionID is unique in the conference.
2,i assume seesionID is unique,H245 also says audio session number is 1,video
session number is 2,
so in a multipoint conference,are all of audio session numbers equal to 1?
if so,the conclusion 1 is not right.
3,are the session number 1,2,3 implied assigned by Master?
4,if i leave the sessionID blank,will it be a serious error?
thank you advanced!

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