Support bi-directional channels in annex C fast start

Roni Even Roni_e at ACCORD.CO.IL
Sun Sep 3 06:03:57 EDT 2000

During the Portland meeting I had a concern about the change in H.323 V4 and
Implementers guide described in APC 1875a item 17 that was added by the
editor. This change was also added by the editor to the white draft of H.323
V4. The editor pointed out that there is a contradiction between the text in
Annex C in paragraph C.3.8.2 and fast start in 8.1.71. concerning the use of
bi-directional channels.
I looked at the subject and my suggestion is to keep the text in annex C and
add to the end of the  first paragraph of "or one bi-directional
channel logical channel as described in annex C"
Roni Even

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