Fast Connect - Switching to H.245 procedure / UII vs. Keypad IE

Dan Davidson dan.davidson at
Tue Oct 31 04:09:05 EST 2000

Dear Mr. Jones, Ms. Levin, Mr. Bowen,

In response to your request, APC numbers have been allocated to your 
contributions as attached. This would be an almost final list of 
contributions to the 9-10 November Rapporteur meeting.

Best regards,

Waseda Research Center
Telecommunications Advancement Organization of Japan (TAO)
5th Floor, Nishi-Waseda Bldg.
1-21-1 Nishi-Waseda, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo
169-0051 Japan
       Tel: +81 3 5286 3830 (to be transferred)
            +81 3 3204 8194 (direct)
       Fax: +81 3 5287 7287
       e-mail: okubo at

Documents of the Q.12-14/16 Geneva meeting (9-10 November 2000)

APC-1950	SG11 (Q.BIC/11)
Liaison To SG 12, SG 13 And SG 16 Asking For Guidance On Quality Of 
Services to be Supported with the BICC Protocol

APC-1951	Study Group 11 BICC Special Rapporteurs
Liaison to SG 16 proposing some additional clarifications in the H.323 
Implementers Guide for H.246 Annex C.

APC-1952	SG 11 Joint Special Rapporteurs for BICC
Support of directionality in "H.248 Annex K - Announcement Package"

APC-1953	Accord Networks
Support bi directional channels in annex C fast start

APC-1954	Lucent Technologies, NTT DoCoMo
H.324 Annex C multimedia call package for H.248

APC-1955	NTT DoCoMo, NEC
Identification of references to IETF Documents in H.225.0 version 4 (per 
Recommendation A.5)

APC-1956	Oki Electric
Adding ServiceControl fields to LCF/LRJ

APC-1957	Editor (P Jones)
H.323 Implementor's Guide

APC-1958	Editor (P Jones)
H.323 v4

APC-1959	Editor (O Levin)
H.323 Annex O Draft

APC-1960	Lucent Technologies
Proposal to create an SDL representation of H.248

APC-1961	Editor (M Euchner)
Resolution of an inconsistency in Draft H.235 Version 2 regarding Section B.4.3

APC-1962	Editor (M Euchner)
Resolution of an inconsistency in Draft H.235 Version 2 regarding the use 
of the password and shared secret

APC-1963	Editor (M Euchner)
Clarification on the use of sendersID and generalID in white Draft H.235 
Version 2

APC-1964	Editor (M Euchner)

APC-1965	Editor (M Euchner)
Draft H.235 Version 3 - Security and encryption for H-Series (H.323 and 
other H.245-based) multimedia terminals

APC-1966	Editor (M Euchner)
Draft H.235v3 Annex F: "Hybrid Security Profile"

APC-1967	Editor (M Euchner)
Draft H.235v3 Annex G: "Security for H.323 Annex H in H.323 Mobile 

APC-1968	Editor (T Anderson)
Draft H323 Annex R

APC-1969	Editor (P Jones)
Editorial and Technical Corrections to H.323v4

APC-1970	Cisco Systems
Signalling of ingress and egress Carrier/Circuit Identifier information in 
H.225.0 Messages and Annex G Messages

APC-1971	Cisco Systems
Third Party Re-routing of a Fast Connect Initiated Call

APC-1972	Cisco Systems
Ported Number Indications in H.225.0 messages

APC-1973	Cisco Systems
Reserving Resources for Calls

APC-1974	Editor (R Callaghan)
H.450.12 - Common Information Additional Network Feature for H.323

APC-1975	Editor (R Callaghan)
H.323 Annex M.3 - Tunneling DSS1 in H.323

APC-1976	Siemens
H.323 Annex M.3 - Tunneling DSS1 in H.323 - Architecture

APC-1977	Siemens
Deficiencies of H.225.0 for a native transport of DSS1

APC-1978	AT&T
Mobility Architecture and Protocol: H.323 Application Specific and Generic 
Value Added Services

APC-1979	AT&T
Application Layer QOS Signalling Architecture and Protocol: H.323 
Application Specific and Generic Value Added Services

APC-1980	AT&T
Common Value Added Intelligent Backend Services (BES) Protocols for all 

APC-1981	Editor (K Klaghofer)
Editorial comments to H.450.9 White document (COM16-117E)

APC-1982	Editor (K Klaghofer)
H.450.10 Call Offer Supplementary Service for H.323

APC-1983	Editor (K Klaghofer)
H.450.11 Call Intrusion Supplementary Service for H.323

APC-1984	Editor (M Fortinsky)
H.225.0 Annex G version 2

APC-1985	VocalTec Communications
H.225.0 Annex G Profile Negotiation

APC-1986	VocalTec Communications
Clarifications Related to H.225.0 Annex G Service ID's

APC-1987	Editor (F Audet)
H.323 Annex M.1 - QSIG tunnelling

APC-1988	PictureTel
RTP Payload Types in H.245

APC-1989	PictureTel
Proposed New H.245 messages for H.263++ Annex U and Annex W.6.3.12

APC-1990	Comverse Network Systems
H.225.0 Annex G v2: support for Service Zone

APC-1991	Comverse Network Systems
H.225.0 v4: Enhancing SupportedProtocols to indicate video

APC-1992	Siemens
{to be advised}

APC-1993	Siemens
{to be advised}

APC-1994	Siemens
{to be advised}

APC-1995	Lucent Technologies
Issues for H.248 implementors' guide

APC-1996	Nortel Networks
Proposed corrections to H.323v4 Annex D on T.38 fax switchover

APC-1997	Editor (C Groves)
Draft H.248 Implementors' Guide

APC-1998	Editor (C Groves)
Draft H.248 Annex K - Generic Announcement Package

APC-1999	Editor (C Groves)
Draft H.248 Annex L - Error Code and Service Change Reason Description

APC-2000	Ericsson
H.248 Annex x - Load Control Package

APC-2001	Ericsson
Direction in H.248 annex K

APC-2002	Ericsson
Signal on Root for H248v2

APC-2003	France
Telecom	Mobility management protocol in H.323 Annex H

APC-2004	Editor (M Buckley)
Latest Draft of Annex N of H.323

APC-2005	Lucent Technologies
Transport QoS Parameters and Traffic Descriptor for QoS Characterisation in 
H.323 systems

APC-2006	Editor (M Buckley)
Latest draft of TIPHON DTS05003 "End to End Quality of Service Control and 
Signalling in TIPHON Systems"

APC-2007	Editor (A Heidermark)
Editorial changes to Annex H to H.248

APC-2008	Editor (A Heidermark)
Editorial changes to Annex I to H.248

APC-2009	LM Ericsson
Use of Call Independent Signalling for Service Control

APC-2010	Nortel Networks
Use of inband tones in H.323 using special RTP payload types

APC-2011	Editor (J Sundquist)
H.323 Annex H Draft

APC-2012	Nokia
New messages to the H.225 Annex G protocol

APC-2013	Nokia
Changes to the H.323 Annex H

APC-2014	Korea Telecom
Comment to H.323 Annex K

APC-2015	Korea Telecom
A Procedure for Multimedia Mail Service

APC-2016	NTT DoCoMo
Support of HTTP in H.324

APC-2017	Nokia
Comparison of 3GPP All IP and H.323 Annex H architectures

APC-2018	UCLA, Samsung
Draft text for "Generic Uneven Level Protection (ULP)" for Annex I of H.323

APC-2019	UCLA, Samsung
Proposals for H.323 Annex I

APC-2020	France Telecom
Support of a direction indication in the generic announcement package

APC-2021	France Telecom
Proposed package for data transmission over analog lines

APC-2022	Editor (D Wolfstein)
H.323 Annex P Draft (modem relay over H.323)

APC-2023	Cisco
Number Portability Release Cause Code

APC-2024	Cisco
TRIP Contribution for Annex O/H.323

APC-2025	RADVision
Remarks on the scope of H.323 Annex L

APC-2026	Editor (R Bowen)
Draft H.225.0 v4


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