AW: [H.323 Mobility:] MD-110 uploaded (new messages to H.225 Anne x G)

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Hi Jaakko,

I'm not certain, whether I really understand the purpose of the EncryptionToken.
If I look at Annex G v1, H.235 Clear and CryptoTokens are always present in each Annex G message; they are conveyed within AnnexGCommonInfo and thus are already part of each annex G message. Thus, I would say, that EncryptionToken is somewhat redundant and we do not need that this way.

The other question I have concerns AuthenticationRejection: Why do you reverse tunnel - that is, feed back - the tunneled message in the reject?

Finally a general question:
Once there was a discussion that Annex G not only be used among Border elements as currently defined in the H.225 Annex Gv1 scope, but to extend its usage for mobility purposes. If this were true, then Annex G could be applied also between the GK-VLF/BE and between HLF/BE-AuF. What is the current status of that discussion?

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        Betreff:        [H.323 Mobility:] MD-110 uploaded (new messages to H.225 Annex G)

        Mr. Fortinsky et al,

        I have uploaded MD-110 containing a contribution on adding new,
        authentication related messages to the H.225 Annex G protocol, to the URL: . I will send the contribution also to the two
        meetings in Geneva, but if you send comments really quickly (tomorrow) to
        me, I may be able to make some changes to the contribution, before
        distributing it.

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