Questions on SDL keys used in H.245

Lin Liu lliu at CSSIP.EDU.AU
Sun Oct 29 22:17:34 EST 2000


APC-1997        Editor (C Groves)
Draft H.248 Implementors' Guide

APC-1998        Editor (C Groves)
Draft H.248 Annex K - Generic Announcement Package

APC-1999        Editor (A Heidermark)
Draft H.248 Annex L - Error Code and Service Change Reason Description

APC-2000        Ericsson
H.248 Annex x - Load Control Package

APC-2001        Ericsson
Direction in H.248 annex K

APC-2002        Ericsson
Signal on Root for H248v2

Have been uploaded to :

Mr. Okubo could you please move these to the
// directory?

Regards, Christian

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