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Dear Q12-14/16 experts,

Thsi is to remind you of the following deadlines for the input
contributions to the Q12-14/16 Rapporteur meeting on 9-10 November:

   /// Registration of the document: by 23:59 UTC, 30 October  ///
   /// Distribution of the document: by 23:59 UTC, 2 November  ///
   /// Use the ftp site (or e-mail reflector) for distribution ///

Please find attached a current list of registered documents. Its Word file
is available as:


Best regards,

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Telecommunications Advancement Organization of Japan (TAO)
5th Floor, Nishi-Waseda Bldg.
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169-0051 Japan
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            +81 3 3204 8194 (direct)
       Fax: +81 3 5287 7287
       e-mail: okubo at giti.or.jp

Documents of the Q.12-14/16 Geneva meeting (9-10 November 2000)

APC-1950        SG11 (Q.BIC/11)
Liaison To SG 12, SG 13 And SG 16 Asking For Guidance On Quality Of
Services to be Supported with the BICC Protocol

APC-1951        Study Group 11 BICC Special Rapporteurs
Liaison to SG 16 proposing some additional clarifications in the H.323
Implementers Guide for H.246 Annex C.

APC-1952        SG 11 Joint Special Rapporteurs for BICC
Support of directionality in "H.248 Annex K - Announcement Package"

APC-1953        Accord Networks
Support bi directional channels in annex C fast start

APC-1954        Lucent Technologies, NTT DoCoMo
H.324 Annex C multimedia call package for H.248

APC-1955        NTT DoCoMo, NEC
Identification of references to IETF Documents in H.225.0 version 4 (per
Recommendation A.5)

APC-1956        Oki Electric
Adding ServiceControl fields to LCF/LRJ

APC-1957        Editor (P Jones)
H.323 Implementor's Guide

APC-1958        Editor (P Jones)
H.323 v4

APC-1959        Editor (O Levin)
H.323 Annex O Draft

APC-1960        Lucent Technologies
Proposal to create an SDL representation of H.248

APC-1961        Editor (M Euchner)
Resolution of an inconsistency in Draft H.235 Version 2 regarding Section B.4.3

APC-1962        Editor (M Euchner)
Resolution of an inconsistency in Draft H.235 Version 2 regarding the use
of the password and shared secret

APC-1963        Editor (M Euchner)
Clarification on the use of sendersID and generalID in white Draft H.235
Version 2

APC-1964        Editor (M Euchner)

APC-1965        Editor (M Euchner)
Draft H.235 Version 3 - Security and encryption for H-Series (H.323 and
other H.245-based) multimedia terminals

APC-1966        Editor (M Euchner)
Draft H.235v3 Annex F: "Hybrid Security Profile"

APC-1967        Editor (M Euchner)
Draft H.235v3 Annex G: "Security for H.323 Annex H in H.323 Mobile

APC-1968        Editor (T Anderson)
Draft H323 Annex R

APC-1969        Editor (P Jones)
Editorial and Technical Corrections to H.323v4

APC-1970        Cisco Systems
Signalling of ingress and egress Carrier/Circuit Identifier information in
H.225.0 Messages and Annex G Messages

APC-1971        Cisco Systems
Third Party Re-routing of a Fast Connect Initiated Call

APC-1972        Cisco Systems
Ported Number Indications in H.225.0 messages

APC-1973        Cisco Systems
Reserving Resources for Calls

APC-1974        Editor (R Callaghan)
H.450.12 - Common Information Additional Network Feature for H.323

APC-1975        Editor (R Callaghan)
H.323 Annex M.3 - Tunneling DSS1 in H.323

APC-1976        Siemens
H.323 Annex M.3 - Tunneling DSS1 in H.323 - Architecture

APC-1977        Siemens
Deficiencies of H.225.0 for a native transport of DSS1

APC-1978        AT&T
Mobility Architecture and Protocol: H.323 Application Specific and Generic
Value Added Services

APC-1979        AT&T
Application Layer QOS Signalling Architecture and Protocol: H.323
Application Specific and Generic Value Added Services

APC-1980        AT&T
Common Value Added Intelligent Backend Services (BES) Protocols for all

APC-1981        Editor (K Klaghofer)
Editorial comments to H.450.9 White document (COM16-117E)

APC-1982        Editor (K Klaghofer)
H.450.10 Call Offer Supplementary Service for H.323

APC-1983        Editor (K Klaghofer)
H.450.11 Call Intrusion Supplementary Service for H.323

APC-1984        Editor (M Fortinsky)
H.225.0 Annex G version 2

APC-1985        VocalTec Communications
H.225.0 Annex G Profile Negotiation

APC-1986        VocalTec Communications
Clarifications Related to H.225.0 Annex G Service ID's

APC-1987        Editor (F Audet)
H.323 Annex M.1 - QSIG tunnelling

APC-1988        PictureTel
RTP Payload Types in H.245

APC-1989        PictureTel
Proposed New H.245 messages for H.263++ Annex U and Annex W.6.3.12

APC-1990        Comverse Network Systems
H.225.0 Annex G v2: support for Service Zone

APC-1991        Comverse Network Systems
H.225.0 v4: Enhancing SupportedProtocols to indicate video

APC-1992        Siemens
{to be advised}

APC-1993        Siemens
{to be advised}

APC-1994        Siemens
{to be advised}

APC-1995        Lucent Technologies
Issues for H.248 implementors' guide

APC-1996        Nortel Networks
Proposed corrections to H.323v4 Annex D on T.38 fax switchover

APC-1997        Editor (C Groves)
Draft H.248 Implementors' Guide

APC-1998        Editor (C Groves)
Draft H.248 Annex K - Generic Announcement Package

APC-1999        Editor (C Groves)
Draft H.248 Annex L - Error Code and Service Change Reason Description

APC-2000        Ericsson
H.248 Annex x - Load Control Package

APC-2001        Ericsson
Direction in H.248 annex K

APC-2002        Ericsson
Signal on Root for H248v2

APC-2003        France
Telecom Mobility management protocol in H.323 Annex H

APC-2004        Editor (M Buckley)
Latest Draft of Annex N of H.323

APC-2005        Lucent Technologies
Transport QoS Parameters and Traffic Descriptor for QoS Characterisation in
H.323 systems

APC-2006        Editor (M Buckley)
Latest draft of TIPHON DTS05003 "End to End Quality of Service Control and
Signalling in TIPHON Systems"

APC-2007        Editor (A Heidermark)
Editorial changes to Annex H to H.248

APC-2008        Editor (A Heidermark)
Editorial changes to Annex I to H.248

APC-2009        LM Ericsson
Use of Call Independent Signalling for Service Control

APC-2010        Nortel Networks
Use of inband tones in H.323 using special RTP payload types


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