APC number request for November Rapporteur meeting

Sat Oct 28 11:52:11 EDT 2000

Hi all,

I have uploaded two MDs to the URL:
ftp://standard.pictel.com/avc-site/Incoming/Mobility-AHG/ .

MD-107 includes refinements to the H.323 Annex H abbreviations and
definitions. The original idea was to make the definitions more 3G-like, but
as I went through them, I did not find too much that could be made more
3G-like, so the contribution became rather just a general refinement of the
terms. Contributions for the 3Gfication are VERY welcome.

MD-108 includes a comparison and mapping between the 3GPP all IP netwrok
architecture and the H.323 Annex H architecture.

Have a nice weekend, everyone.

- Jaakko

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