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Thanks for pointing this out.  I have made the correction to the H.323v4
draft and will present this change along with other such corrections at the
SG16 meeting in a few weeks.  The final published V4 document should contain
"tunnellingRequired" in all places.

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> In reading H.323V4 (from APC-1874), I noticed in the procedures of section
> 10.4.3 (tunneling of a signalling protocol in H.225.0 call signalling
> messages) a reference to a tunnelledRequired flag, which doesn't exist.
> Can the following change be made to H.323V4, or at least captured in the
> Implementers Guide (assuming this error has not already been corrected)?
> Section 10.4.3, second paragraph:
> If an endpoint will only allow the call to proceed if tunneling is
> supported, it shall set the tunnellingRequired flag in the Setup message;
> the
> tunnelledRequired  (DELETE)
> tunnellingRequired (REPLACEMENT)
> flag shall not be included in any other message than Setup. If an endpoint
> receives a tunnelledSignallingMessage with the tunnellingRequired flag set
> in the Setup message and is not able to tunnel the protocol, it shall
> terminate the call by sending a Release Complete with a reason of
> tunnelledSignallingRejected; a tunnellingRequired flag in any other
> than Setup shall be ignored.
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