H.323V4 error (prior message mistitled)

Wuerfel, Randy P Randy.P.Wuerfel at ICN.SIEMENS.COM
Wed Oct 25 17:41:39 EDT 2000

In reading H.323V4 (from APC-1874), I noticed in the procedures of section
10.4.3 (tunneling of a signalling protocol in H.225.0 call signalling
messages) a reference to a tunnelledRequired flag, which doesn't exist.

Can the following change be made to H.323V4, or at least captured in the
Implementers Guide (assuming this error has not already been corrected)?

Section 10.4.3, second paragraph:

                If an endpoint will only allow the call to proceed if
tunneling is supported, it shall set the tunnellingRequired flag in the
Setup message; the tunnelledRequired tunnellingRequired flag shall not be
included in any other message than Setup. If an endpoint receives a
tunnelledSignallingMessage with the tunnellingRequired flag set in the Setup
message and is not able to tunnel the protocol, it shall terminate the call
by sending a Release Complete with a reason of tunnelledSignallingRejected;
a tunnellingRequired flag in any other message than Setup shall be ignored.

Regards, Randy Wuerfel

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