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Tue Oct 24 21:36:06 EDT 2000

Mr. Michaely:

We can define something like this:

   ieInfo        IEInfoType    OPTIONAL

IEInfoType    ::=    SEQUENCE
    ieID                INTEGER (1..255),
    ieContent        OCTET    STRING

ieID will identify ProgIndIE, RedirectIE and so forth based on the IE Id assigned
in PSTN world.
ieContent is the actual encoding of the IE as per the Q.931 spec.

- Logan

Boaz Michaely wrote:

> All,
> Following up the work started at Lovely Portland, we are investigating the
> required additions to the AccessRequest et. al. messages of H.225.0 Annex G.
> I will post a seperate note on that, but along the way, an interesting question
> poped:
> The scenario: A VoIP network that is trying to terminate a call in PSTN, over
> ISDN. The response from the CO indicates the call diversion and includes the
> redirecting number element (which also indicates the diversion reason)
> With H.225.0 v4 addition (TD-45 Osaka), this information can be naturaly
> translated into H.225.0 setup message, while before that the only way to convey
> the information was to translate it into H.450.3
> Now, the network GK wishes to forward the call to the Service Zone for call
> completion. In order to provide this information over AccessRequest, we may add
> both H.450 element as well as RedirectingNumber element (for the questionable
> sake of not mandating H.450 structures to do so).
> Now to my question:
> Assuming that indeed there is objection to mandate H.450 structure for this
> purpose, how does one describe the RedirectingNumber IE within the ASN.1
> structure of H.225.0 Annex G ?
> After all, RedirectingNumber is imported from Q.931, and as such is bitwise
> encoded. (there is probably a proper term for that which,  in my ignorance, I
> am unaware off - sorry).
> I have not seen any similar case, so the only solution I came up with is to
> embed it in a BIT STRING. Is this realy how it should be done ? If so, what
> would the exact syntax be ?
> Thanks,
> Boaz Michaely
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