QOS signaling in RAS

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Having read your draft implementors' guide, I have a couple of comments.

1. In section 8.6 of the IG, you say that existing descriptors are
retained with the Move command.  I agree with the intent, but find the
phrasing awkward.  Strictly speaking, descriptors are defined as groups
of parameters to commands.  So I think it would be better to say
something like

"The Move command does not affect the properties of the Termination on
which it operates, except those properties explicitly modified by
descriptors included in the Move command."

2. Section 8.7 proposes a correction to E.6.4.  If I'm not mistaken, it
is actually a correction to E.6.2, and you should add "..."-dots between
"Section E.6.2 Events" and "DigitMap Completion Event".  In that
correction there is an undefined reference that should be replaced by a
reference to 7.1.14.

3. Section 8.10 proposes that event and signal parameters starting with
"SPA" and "EPA" be forbidden.  I have to think whether this is the best
resolution to the problem of ambiguity, but until I have done so, I want
to point out a mistake in the proposed addition to 13.1.  This addition
implies that package names must not start with "SPA" or "EPA". However,
the ambiguity is not related to package names but to parameters of
signals and events.  Instead of your proposed change to 13.1, I propose
that additional text be added to 12.2:

[Begin Correction]
12.1 Guidelines to defining Properties, Statistics and Parameters to
Events and Signals

Parameter Name: only descriptive
ParameterID: Is an identifier.  The textual ParameterID of parameters to
Events and Signals shall not start with "EPA" and "SPA", respectively.
[End Correction]

4. Section 9.3 proposes clarifying text for the use of wildcarded
responses in audits.  The final example shows that the reply to




although Terminations t1/1 and t1/2 only implement packages aaa and
bbb.  So the ",ccc,ccc" part has to be removed from the response, or
example has to be changed to something like






Christian Groves wrote:
> G'Day all,
> Attached is a copy of the H.248 Implementors' Guide v3. It "hopefully"
> contains the corrections and clarifications that have been discussed on
> the Megaco mailing list until the 19/10/2000.
> If anything is missed or erroneous please let me (and the list) know.
> The file will also be upload to the pictel server:
> ftp://standard.pictel.com/avc-site/incoming/H248_Implementors_Guide_v3.zip
> Both PDF and Word versions are available.
> My intention is to make one more update (v4) before sending to the Nov
> Sg16 meeting for approval.
> Cheers, Christian
> PS: Please forgive me sending a 98k file to the list but the Pictel
> server has been down.
>   ------------------------------------------------------------------------
>                                      Name: H248_Implementors_Guide_v3.zip
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>                                  Encoding: base64

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