Rapporteur meeting on 9-10 November in Geneva

Wed Oct 18 02:01:26 EDT 2000

Hello all!
I would like to bring up this issue once again in order to finally resolve
Following the prolong discussions on this mailing list and despite our
(RADVision's) original view on this issue, we vote for correcting the
already published H.323v.3 to include the definitions of the H.323v.2
Implementers Guide.
We believe that this direction will lead to the least harmful situation for
the currently installed and operating database (and will keep the tradition
of H.323 Implementers Guide intact :))
We feel that moving the solution for H.323v.4 (by deprecating both of the
current definitions and by introducing a new one) will result in unnecessary
overhead for all H.323 versions starting from now.
>From RADVison's perspective, we must achieve the final resolution on this
issue immediately in order to be able to provide a fully compliant and
interoperable H.323v.3 implementation for all.
Best Regards,
Orit Levin
RADVision Inc.
TEL: 201.529.4300 x 230
mailto:orit at radvision.com
575 Corporate Drive Suite 420 Mahwah, NJ 07430

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