test conditions provided

Adam Li adamli at ICSL.UCLA.EDU
Mon Oct 16 00:59:31 EDT 2000

Dear experts and Mr. Gero,

It seems that the conditions described in the document can hardly be
called "reasonable and fair conditions".

For example, for Media codecs, it specifies H.263 with Annex O. As we
all know, Annex O (with spatial, temporal and SNR scalability) is NOT
in the Wireless Profiles of H.263. Indeed, it is not in ANY of the
profiles defined in H.263.

The whole Annex O is such a very complex algorithm, that it is NOT
even in the most complex profiles where complexity is not that much a
concern. It is really unimaginable that any mobile applications will
use Annex O.

If the Siemens proposal needed such a un-realistic scenario to provide
any possible gain, the wireless connection oriented Annex I seems is
not the right place for it.

Since Mr. Gero have just proposed the condition now, he may have
enough resource to test it before the document submission date. Maybe
you can test it also without Annex O, Mr. Gero?


Adam Li

Adam H. Li, Ph.D.
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> Dear experts,
> the long lasting diskussion about the superiority of one
> of the proposals concerning error resilient transmission
> of progressive multimedia streams(H.323 Annex I) needs
> to be decided on an objective basis soon.
> Therefor we are providing reasonable and fair test conditions.
> The test conditions are focused on a common UMTS scenario with
> video input and PSNR as an objective quality measurement.
> Furthermore
> every step in between is well defined and a graphic visualization of
> the outcome is the ideal and easy basis, with not much room for
> interpretation, for the decision process.
> Comments, questions and supplements are welcome.
> Best wishes
> Gero Baese

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