still advantage with the UCLA proposal than Siemens proposal

Adam Li adamli at ICSL.UCLA.EDU
Thu Oct 12 11:51:47 EDT 2000

We need a few teleconf to finish work on Annex R before Geneva.  I would
like to start our first call Thur, Oct 12 at 11:30-12:30 EDT.  I
apologize for the short notice, but our working time is short.  On that
call we will talk about additional meeting times during October.  I
would like to have future calls on a day other than Thurs (either Tue or
Wed), but I want to hold the first call at our previous meeting times.
If you cannot meet this first call but wish to join later ones, send me
email (not to the reflector) to suggest times that would be good for

You will find a new draft of Annex R in out subdirectory of incoming on
the draft server:

I have revised the section order to better fit the format for Annexes,
included Scope with our Introduction section and cleaned up several
other sections, but there are still several areas that need our
attention before it can be considered for determination in Geneva.

Robustness Teleconf
Oct 12 11:30 EDT (15:30 UT or GMT)
Bridge Telephone Number:  +1 630 713 3333
Conference Code: 255390

Terry L Anderson              mailto:tla at
Tel:908.582.7013   Fax:908.582.6729
Pager:800.759.8352 pin 1704572   1704572 at
Lucent Technologies/ Voice Over IP Access Networks/ Applications Grp
Rm 2B-121, 600 Mountain Av, Murray Hill, NJ 07974 (Lucent internal)

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