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Euchner Martin Martin.Euchner at ICN.SIEMENS.DE
Thu Oct 5 10:41:56 EDT 2000

This might be the wrong email list for this kind of question.  The MGCP list
at the
Softswitch Consortium ( www.softswitch.org <http://www.softswitch.org> ) or
at pulver.com would be more appropriate.

The answer is -- wrong idea.  MGCP is a device control protocol, not a
signalling protocol.
You wouldn't try to map Q.931 to MGCP except some simplistic notions of
This would be local to a particular softswitch implementation, and thus not

You can ask how the Q.931 gets from the gateway to the softswitch.  It isn't
over MGCP!
Generally, the accepted notion is that the MG terminates Q.921, and uses
to transport Q.931 to the Call Agent, which terminates the Q.931 messages,
creating the
appropriate MGCP commands to make the right connections.  The Call Agent
might have
to map Q.931 to whatever protocol it uses to connect to another Call Agent.
That might be
ISUP (Q.BICC to be exact), H.323, or SIP.


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Anyone aware of a Q.931 package for MGCP?  I am interested in mapping Q.931
to MGCP.

-- jrj

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