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Thu Oct 5 06:25:02 EDT 2000


> Whoops! There is the same problem with LocationRejectReason and
> aliasesInconsistent--it also changed position between IGv2 and H.225.0v3.

Yes, indeed there was a problem with the LRJ reason.  However, that one was
pointed out and has been corrected.  The H.323 Implementers Guide shows a
correction for that and the ASN.1 on Packetizer has the fields in order
according to the Implementers Guide.

Unfortunately, the ARJ reason wasn't pointed out-- or else I neglected to
make that change for the Implementers Guide.  In any case, we have a chance
to correct it.

I know there will be opposition either way we go, but my own preference is
to make the change so that H.323v2 is not broken.  Also, making the change
to the ARJ reason sequence would then be consistent with the change we made
for the LRJ reason.

> I never did like H.323 IGs being normative. Too dangerous. If normative,
> should only be used for clarification and true corrections, not for _any_
> modifications no matter how innocuous they may seem. For H.324, IGs were
> normative and merely somewhere to write down the things we were going to
> change in the _next_ version until the next version came out.

Being the editor of the H.323-series implementers guide, I can tell you
right now that I would be more than happy to see that document less inflated
:-)  This is an issue that deserves such attention, but I agree that need to
be more careful with the Implementers Guide additions in the future.

> FWIW, Smith Micro skipped v2 and went straight from v1 to v3, so we use
> Decided v3 syntax for ARJ and not the v2 syntax as modified by IGv2.

Noted... now these decisions are getting no easier :-)

> BTW, I didn't see this latest email from you on the implementers
> In case we have a disjoint set of participants, you need to keep them in
> loop, too.

Some of the mailing lists alter the To: lines, which result in disjoint
discussions.  That's unfortunate.


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