H.323 Annex O

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Gee, I'm usually the lawyer.  I stand corrected on this point.

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> > Chip Sharp further made it clear in his email the problems of using the
> > drafts if the authors cannot participate in the ITU meetings no matter
> > whether there is IPR or not.
> lets be careful here -
> current Copyright law says there is always Copyright IPR in any document
> even
> if the document has no copyright statement on it.
> the IETF requires that authors of IETF documents give the IETF (actually
> for legal reasons) the right to publish the douments, allow others to
> publish the documents as-is, and, in most cases, the right to make
> derivative
> works within the IETF standards process - the author retains all other
> rights
> the IETF can not grant the right for any other organization to make
> derivative rigts because we do not get that right from the authors
> but the authors can give their own OK if they want
> that said, I do not think its a real good idea to have two
> organizations working off the same base documents to come up
> with different results - it just confuses the community - so
> I would rather that one organization take the token to lead but
> that people from both organizations work together if possible
> Scott
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