H.323 Annex O

Scott Bradner sob at HARVARD.EDU
Wed May 31 10:55:42 EDT 2000

> Chip Sharp further made it clear in his email the problems of using the IETF
> drafts if the authors cannot participate in the ITU meetings no matter
> whether there is IPR or not.

lets be careful here -

current Copyright law says there is always Copyright IPR in any document even
if the document has no copyright statement on it.

the IETF requires that authors of IETF documents give the IETF (actually ISOC
for legal reasons) the right to publish the douments, allow others to
publish the documents as-is, and, in most cases, the right to make derivative
works within the IETF standards process - the author retains all other

the IETF can not grant the right for any other organization to make
derivative rigts because we do not get that right from the authors

but the authors can give their own OK if they want

that said, I do not think its a real good idea to have two
organizations working off the same base documents to come up
with different results - it just confuses the community - so
I would rather that one organization take the token to lead but
that people from both organizations work together if possible


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