H.450.9 draft white updated

Klaghofer Karl ICN SIB NL D1 Karl.Klaghofer at ICN.SIEMENS.DE
Wed May 31 04:55:10 EDT 2000


> The key is that the SG16 cannot use the interworking solution that has
> "invented" by the other companies or institutions without their consent
> participation. I personally feel very strongly that the SG16 cannot not
> "invent" a NEW interworking solution of its own that will NOT include the
> solutions proposed by others in the IETF.

I like this one... I've already built a SIP/H.323 interworking device-- a
long time ago, before any group in any standards organization was formed to
work on the issue.  I would question whether such an IWF could even be
called an "invention", as it is certainly "prior art".


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