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Hi Francois-Xavier,

If we assume that calling and called party numbers are UPT (universal personal telecommunication) numbers then according to European numbering plan mobile phone numbers are distinguishable, according to American Number plan there is no distinction between mobile and non-mobile phone number.

Based on telecommunication industry trends towards adopting number portability, which means end-user carry the number with him when changing location, service provide in the same location etc. I would suggest that there should not be a distinction of calling or called party number as mobile or non-mobile, let the H.323 Mobile network figure out routing to the end-user who could be mobile or non-mobile user.


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Subject: [H.323 Mobility] clarification

Before writing a contribution for the annex H, I have a question for clarification.
I didn't see a requirement that the calling party and the calling GK should not be aware that the called party is a mobile user and is eventually at a visiting location.
What is the feeling of the group ? Shouldn't we add this requirement in the annex or does anybody disagree with it ?


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