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Dear H.323 mobile ad-hoc,

While on the subject of H.323 mobile and SIP mobile interconnection.
I have prepare a contribution to Tiphon to see if we work-out
some common interconnection solution with 3GPP SIP- mobile
and H.323 mobile, Document 18TD055.doc, I 'll be glad to get some

Best Regards,

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>         From:   Roy, Radhika R, ALARC
>         Sent:   Tuesday, May 09, 2000 3:04 PM
>         To:     ITU-SG16 at MAILBAG.INTEL.COM
>         Subject:        SIP-H.323 Interworking
>         Hi, Everyone:
>         Today we had a conference call related to H.323 mobility. We have
> included a section in H.323 Annex H for interworking between H.323 and SIP
> that will address both fixed and mobile terminals.
>         Many members requested to know about the status of the SIP-H.323
> interworking standard. We are particularly thankful to all members
> especially to Jaakko S. and Paul G. for their efforts to make this as a work
> item (for future study) in this annex.
>         I am enclosing a copy of the email of the SIP-H.323 conference call
> of the eGroups that reflects the status of the on-going work. You are
> welcome to participate in the discussion in that group that is working for
> the Informational RFC for SIP-H.323 Interworking. The present RFC is
> expected to be completed by December 2000, and mobility work may be taken up
> later (assuming that H.323 mobility and SIP mobility work are completed in
> the ITU-T and IETF, respectively, by this time).
>         Best regards,
>         Radhika R. Roy
>         AT&T
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>         From:   Roy, Radhika R, ALARC
>         Sent:   Wednesday, May 03, 2000 4:38 PM
>         To:     'sip-h323 at'
>         Subject:        RE: [sip-h323] Conference call minutes - SIP-H.323
> interworking
>         Hi, Alan:
>         We would appreciate if you would send your full name, address, tel,
> fax, and email so that we could include in the draft. If Charles Agboh
> volunteers to be a part of the editors based on the contribution submitted
> for SIP and H.323 Signaling Gateway, as we understand per yesterday's conf
> call, please let us also know.
>         Best regards,
>         Radhika R. Roy
>         +1 732 420 1580
>         rrroy at
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>                 From:   Joon Maeng [SMTP:joon_maeng at]
>                 Sent:   Tuesday, May 02, 2000 2:25 PM
>                 To:     sip-h323 at
>                 Subject:        [sip-h323] Conference call minutes -
> SIP-H.323 interworking
>                 Hi folks.  We had a conference call today.  Summary of the
> conference call
>                 is as follows:
>                 Participants: Orit Levin, Christine Chen, Dave Wang, Dave
> Walker, Ayse
>                 Dilber, Eric, Kundan Singh, Alan Johnston, Roy Radhika,
> Vipin Palawat and
>                 Joon Maeng
>                 Summary: Dave Walker gave us a brief update on the results
> of SIP-H.323
>                 interworking BOF at Adelaide.  He reported that SIP WG is
> providing a home
>                 to discuss the interworking but SIP-H.323 interworking is
> not officially
>                 included in the SIP WG charter. We discussed the time
> schedule and agreed to
>                 submit a requirement draft to the IETF meeting in July.  We
> also agreed to
>                 submit the actual interworking draft to the IETF meeting in
> December, 2000.
>                 We will use the IETF draft prepared by Roy, Agrawal, and
> Vipin
> (
> nterworking-00.txt)
>                  as a base to finalize the requirement draft for the July
>                 meeting.   We will prioritize the requirements as Orit
> suggested.  We will
>                 work with other organizations and get input on requirements.
> Dave Wang will
>                 be a contact person for aHIT and CoIP in IMTC and ETSI
> TIPHON,  Orit and Roy
>                 will work with ITU SG16.  We have several volunteer to work
> as editors for
>                 final interworking document.  They are Roy, Agrawal,
> Kundan(& Henning),
>                 Vipin, and Alan.  Ayse requested that she would like to
> discuss how to work
>                 with aHIT group at next conference call.  We will have the
> next conference
>                 call at 12:00 PM EST on Tuesday, May 23.
>                 If I missed anything, please post it to the list server.  I
> am going to set
>                 up the next conference call and let you know.  As we agreed,
> we are going to
>                 use the above IETF draft as a base to discuss the
> requirements, please email
>                 your comments on the draft to the list server.  Thanks for
> participating the
>                 call.
>                 Regards,
>                 Joon
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