[Robustness] draft document for discussion

Terry L Anderson tla at lucent.com
Tue May 9 01:10:13 EDT 2000


Please find attached our write-up on end to end acknowledgement.
As discussed in our last Robustness Group Conference Call,
adding these acknowledgements at H.323 level to messages which 
invoke no responses will prevent call state mismatch should 
these messages be lost.

We hope the group will give some response during Tuesday's conference
call.  The list of messages that need to be acknowledged shown
in the document is preliminary and we would welcome comments 
and suggestions.

Tim Chen

  Tim Chen                    Trillium Digital Systems, Inc.     
  Phone: +1 310 442 9222      Fax:   +1 310 442 1162      
  email: tim at trillium.com     http://www.trillium.com  

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