[SIP] FW: 47th IETF: SIP323 BOF

S_S_Dinesh/India/IBM at au1.ibm.com S_S_Dinesh/India/IBM at au1.ibm.com
Mon May 8 04:40:08 EDT 2000

Dear Mr. Okubo,

I have uploaded the following contributions to the Incoming directory:

APC-1856.zip       Editor (R Bowen)
Draft H.225.0 v4

APC-1859.doc       Cisco Systems
Proposal to Support the Redirecting Number IE

APC-1860.zip       Cisco Systems
DNS SRV record query text update

APC-1861.zip       Cisco Systems
Gateway Capacity Reporting Enhancements

APC-1862.zip       Cisco Systems
Issue regarding Calls through NAT Devices


Richard K. Bowen                       Cisco Systems, Inc.
rkbowen at cisco.com                      Research Triangle Park, NC

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