H.248 Annex C Codepoint Information

John Segers jsegers at LUCENT.COM
Mon May 8 16:53:11 EDT 2000


I was going to say the same thing as Christian (but strange telephone
sockets in the UK kept me from doing so): if a reference is provided,
the values listed in the value column serve as examples only; normative
text is in the references as indicated at the start of the annex.

The second point Christian mentioned is an interesting one.  Is the idea
that if one defines a package for which there is already an annex C
codepoint, the package would just refer to that instead of defining a
new codepoint?  If that is the intention, we'd better give annex C a
package name...



Christian Groves wrote:
> Hello Tom,
> References are included in Annex C and the text at the start says that
> the reference is the normative text. I personally would envision that
> most changes to codepoints would be contained in packages. ie. if we use
> packages for defining properties then we align the text and binary
> encodings of H248. That way we don't need to continuously update SDP and
> Annex C to match.
> Regards, Christian
> Tom-PT Taylor wrote:
> >
> > H.248 Annex C is by concept derivative in nature -- it provides the means to
> > reuse codepoints from a variety of other standards.  As it currently stands,
> > it reproduces these codepoints in the "Value" column.  I am concerned that
> > this could present a maintenance nightmare.  It would make more sense to
> > point the user to the specific reference in the other standard and leave it
> > at that.
> >
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