APC-1848 uploaded

Euchner Martin Martin.Euchner at MCHP.SIEMENS.DE
Mon May 8 09:18:35 EDT 2000

Hi all,

I have uploaded the new editor's draft H.323 Annex H to the URL:

I suggest that we go through the changes I have made in tomorrow's

I'm sorry that I haven't responded to any messages recently, but working
with the draft took a bit more of my time than I expected, so I simply
haven't had the time. I will try to read all the messages through tomorrow
and hopefully answer to some.

And now I'm off to watch Finland demolish the poor Norwegians in the
ice-hockey world championships...

Jaakko Sundquist           *
+358 50 3598281            * Audere est Facere!
jaakko.sundquist at nokia.com *

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