APC for Annex D/H.323

Mon May 8 04:05:43 EDT 2000


I have uploaded the following documents for the upcoming meeting into the
Incoming directory of the AVC site:

APC-1788 - Draft H.323v4
APC-1789 - Draft H.323v3 Implementers Guide
APC-1790 - Indicating Frames/Samples per RTP Packet
APC-1791 - Call Proceeding / Facility Issues
APC-1792 - Empty fastStart versus fastConnectRefused
APC-1793 - When to include perCallInfo in an IRR
APC-1794 - New Proposed LRJ reason "resourcesNotAvailable"
APC-1795 - URQ to contain Alternate Gatekeeper Information
APC-1815 - Indicating Support of Annex E for Alternate Endpoints
APC-1837 - Usage of Expanded T.35 Country Codes in Recommendations
           H.225.0, H.245, H.283, and H.341
APC-1849 - Errors in H.225.0 Version 3 ASN.1

Best Regards,
Paul E. Jones

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