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千村 保文 chimura730 at AINET.OKI.CO.JP
Sun May 7 23:55:26 EDT 2000

Hello Tom,

References are included in Annex C and the text at the start says that
the reference is the normative text. I personally would envision that
most changes to codepoints would be contained in packages. ie. if we use
packages for defining properties then we align the text and binary
encodings of H248. That way we don't need to continuously update SDP and
Annex C to match.

Regards, Christian

Tom-PT Taylor wrote:
> H.248 Annex C is by concept derivative in nature -- it provides the means to
> reuse codepoints from a variety of other standards.  As it currently stands,
> it reproduces these codepoints in the "Value" column.  I am concerned that
> this could present a maintenance nightmare.  It would make more sense to
> point the user to the specific reference in the other standard and leave it
> at that.
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