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Manjunath Bangalore manjax at CISCO.COM
Sun May 7 23:30:28 EDT 2000

Dear Chad,

>Can we register a document for the Osaka meeting ?  We would like to
>formally ask SG16 to add "capability indicators" for AAC (13818-7) and
>AC-3 (ATSC A/52) to appropriate systems specifications.  I am told by
>Gary that Q.12-14(?) is the correct group for such a request, not Q.15.
>C-Cube will be attending SG-16 next week in Osaka.

APC-1867 has been allocated to your contribution. Addition of capability
codepoints is to be in H.245, hence Q14 is the most relevant. H.310 (Q12)
and H.323 (Q13) are also relevant where they may be optionally used. If you
propose to use those audio codings in H.320 systems (probably not, I
guess), then H.221 under Q11 is also relevant.

I hope this should be the last APC document registration for the Osaka
meeting, unless I missed something already requested.

Best regards,

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